Thursday, September 15, 2016

"It" Matters.

One of my favorite things to say has been "it doesn't matter".

If I am having a bad day, or a hard time, or struggling with something... ask me what's wrong and the first thing I would say is "it doesn't matter".

But one day, God told me that "it" does matter.

As Christians I think we have been taught that we're only supposed to have good days.

Christians are not supposed to be struggling, or feel that we have more than we can bear (God never gives you more than you bear, right?), and we are not supposed to be discouraged, or depressed, or anything but happy and joyful all the time.

So, in church on Sundays I would be happy.  And joyful.  And full of smiles.

But on Monday I would be discouraged and depressed and struggling.

And, I thought something was wrong with me.

"It doesn't matter" seemed like the right thing to say because I shouldn't be having any problems anyway, right?


Real life, human life, is full of troubles and trials and problems and difficulties.  And the Bible doesn't say that God will not give us more than we can bear... it says that He makes a way of escape for us in every tribulation... we need Him because all of life is more than we can bear on our own.  We can be assured that this life is not smelling roses and walking on rainbow paths every day.  We are going to hurt.  We are going to know pain.  We are going to know struggles and situations we do not understand.

And God cares.

About all of "it".

"It" matters to Him.

In my woes me state one day, Holy Spirit whispered to me... "stop saying it doesn't matter... it does matter... it matters to me.

What you feel ... matters.

What you fear ... matters.

What you think ... matters.

What hurts you ... matters.

What disappoints you ... matters.

What discourages you ... matters.

What you like .... matters.

What you dislike ... matters.

It all matters to me."

Why would "it" matter to God?

First, when your child comes home from school or work and has had a bad day, or seems upset about something... you want to know what it is.  Maybe you can't fix it, or decide not to get involved, but you at least want them to share with you.  You want to listen to them.  You want to offer advice to them.  As a child of the most high God, we should never assume that God is too busy to lend a listening ear to us.  No matter how small or big our problem is, He is a "very present help in the time of trouble".  The God who never slumbers or sleeps is never too busy to listen to your conversation with Him.  And, as you begin to speak to Him, don't be surprised if you find peace about the problem, or thoughts come to mind as to how to handle the problem... this is prayer without ceasing even if you think you're just talking about it out loud.

Secondly, God knows you.  Like nobody else knows you... He knows you.  He has searched your heart and He knows you.  He knew your spirit before you were ever conceived.  Things that make other people shy away from you, draw God to you!  Everything about you He already knows.  So, He knows your desires and your dreams and the plans He has for your life.  But, He also knows the hurts, the pains, the disappointments, and the struggles.  He knows the addictions and the sins, and the secret thoughts hidden from everybody else.  And, He loves you just the same!

Thirdly, His word declares that we are to "cast all our care upon Him".  The word care in that scripture in Greek means to separate into pieces, to divide... through distraction.  All this stuff in our lives matters to God because it distracts us from Him.  Instead of thinking about Him and His promises, we are constantly caught up in thinking about this stuff.  He wants us to have a mind and a heart focused continually on Him.  So, He wants us to "throw our heartaches and worries" on Him and let Him care for us.  The word "careth" in that scripture in Greek means "someone it matters to".  He careth for you!

Don't hide your "it" in life and pretend "it" doesn't matter or "it" isn't important.

"It" does indeed matter.

And, "it" matters to Him!

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